The Journey Begins

Eight months ago I uprooted my life and moved from New York City to Edmonton, Alberta (said no one else ever!). I left my first real job and the city where I started my adult life. I loved NYC, the energy of the city, the experiences I had, and the lifelong friendships I made.  But, after 6+ years it was time to move on.  I moved for my sanity, for my health, for family, and for love.  I live in Edmonton with one adorable and sassy cat, Chiquita, and one adorable and lovable Fiancée, Bradley.  I am a small town island girl at heart and am happy to be closer to home and the beautiful outdoors that Alberta and British Columbia offer. 

In NYC I worked around the clock; work-life balance was a fallacy. I have more time outside of work now than I ever did in NYC and am striving to achieve the elusive work-life balance. I am starting this blog as an outlet, as a means to hold myself accountable, and to figure out what my new YEG life looks like.  My goal is to live my new life to the fullest with my little family. I have no idea if this will stick, but here it goes.  

Thanks for joining me!

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